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River City Whitewater Club
Upcoming 2024 events:
May 4-12: Grande Ronde
May 25: Cache Creek
June 1-2: Merced
June 8-9: East Fork Carson
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Dues and Trip Fees:



Annual Members:   Annual membership dues are $65 per year for Boat Owners and $85 per year for non-Boat owners and are good for one year from the date of purchase. Funds should be submitted to the Treasurer or paid online. 


A boat owner is someone who owns their own high-quality self-bailing raft, lifejackets, paddles, and safety gear.



Monthly Members:   Monthly member dues are $20 and are valid for a 30 day period from date of purchase. Monthly memberships have limitations: Only one monthly membership per year, not valid for trips of three days or longer, no priority on trips with participant limits, and no voting rights.


Daily Trip Fee:   While on a rafting trip, each participant is charged a $10 per day fee to cover expenses such as liability insurance.


Trip Expenses:  Trip specific costs, such as food, transportation, permit fees, camping fees, shuttle services, etc. will be equally shared by all trip participants.


Incentives: Trip Leaders, Board Members, and Boat Owners are given a few daily membership passes each year for their guests.  A boat owner can only utilize membership passes on trips that their rafting gear is used to transport passengers.