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River City Whitewater Club
Upcoming 2024 events:
May 4-12: Grande Ronde
May 25: Cache Creek
June 1-2: Merced
June 8-9: East Fork Carson

River City Whitewater Club (RCWC) is a non-profit whitewater rafting club comprised of a close-knit group of all ages that enjoys rafting and the outdoors. RCWC was established in 1982, and is based in Sacramento, California.  We have 40-50 members in the Sacramento region and the Bay Area.  RCWC members each own a share of the club’s high quality rafting equipment.  We welcome both boat owners and non-boat owners into the club.  All trips and events are cooperative activities in which participants share in the work, expenses, and fun.  RCWC is not a guiding service or a commercial company, instead we are a rafting cooperative.

The Club rents a storage unit in mid-town Sacramento which holds our inventory of rafts, inflatable kayaks, paddles, oars, frames, lifejackets, and safety equipment, as well as gear for multi-day river camping such as a kitchen box, partner stove, blaster, tables, etc. 

Each trip has a volunteer Trip Leader to organize the trip.  Sharing of the work, such as picking up gear from the warehouse, driving shuttle, and buying food for group meals, is expected and may be assigned to trip participants. The costs of all trips are shared equally, and may include transportation costs, campground fees, food, permits, boat day-use, and shuttle services.  Each person on the trip must sign a waiver of liability before the trip begins. 

Membership fees are $85/year or $65/year if the person has a commercial-quality whitewater raft, plus $10/day "day use fee" for each day on the water.  While the club will supply lifejackets and helmets, trip participants are responsible for proper river attire.  The Trip Leader is available to answer questions about what to bring on a trip, and the Club website also has packing lists. 

A dinner, social, and business meeting is held at the beginning of each year to elect officers, conduct business, and plan trips.  At the end of each season, the club holds a "work day" at the warehouse to take care of our equipment.  Prospective members are welcome to come to either event to learn about the club and determine if we are a good fit.  Prospective members may also join as a monthly member ($20) and participate on a trip to determine compatibility.  

RCWC is non-commercial, and is not a guide service.   
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