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River City Whitewater Club
Upcoming 2022 events:

April 16 - South Fork American
April 24-May 1: John Day, Oregon
May 7 - North Fork American
May 14- South Fork American
May 20-28- Green River, Gates of Ladore, Utah
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River City Whitewater Club (RCWC) is a non-profit whitewater rafting club comprised of a close-knit group that enjoys rafting and the outdoors. RCWC was established in 1982, and is based in Sacramento, California.  We have 40-50 members in the Sacramento region and the Bay Area.  RCWC members each own a share of the club’s high quality rafting equipment.  We welcome both boat owners and non-boat owners into the club.  All trips and events are cooperative activities in which participants share in the work, expenses, and fun. 

RCWC is non-commercial, and is not a guide service.   Click on the 
Benefits link to learn more about RCWC.